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    Names of Suicide Victims - CASE STUDY


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    Names of Suicide Victims - CASE STUDY

    Post by Empire895 on Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:57 pm

    The student newspaper is concerned about a rash of suicides that have been taking place among the student body. They believe it is necessary to tell the names of the last four students who have recently taken their lives as a means of preventing future suicides. Traditionally, the cause of death for a suicide victim is not listed as such. The student editors decide to run the story stating the names and pertinent details of the deaths. In the story they also cite national trends and give solutions for students considering suicide. In a two page argument answer the following questions:

    Is it acceptable for the student newspaper to print the names and pertinent details of the deaths?

    How can printing of the story prevent future suicides?

    What harms are caused by printing the story?

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    Should the student newspaper be reprimanded or shut down for improper use of press freedoms?

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