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    Drunk Driving - CASE STUDY Empty Drunk Driving - CASE STUDY

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    Drunk Driving

    In New Jersey a person convicted of his first drunk driving offense faces a mandatory suspension of his license for six months, and the possibility of a thirty-day jail sentence. In addition, the offender must pay a mandatory fine of $250 and a $100 fee to support law enforcement efforts to catch other drunk drivers. Convicted drunk drivers are also required to undergo a minimum of 12 hours counseling for which they must pay a $1,000 surcharge for each of three years, as well as $50 a day. In addition, drunk drivers receive 9 “insurance points” that could subject them to huge increases in their insurance premiums. The total cost for a first offense of drunk driving in New Jersey probably exceeds $9,000.

    Is the New Jersey penalty for drunk driving fair or unfair? Explain your answer.


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