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    Going Nude

    Twenty-nine year old Debora Rodriquez is a militant member of Brazil’s landless movement, the Movimento Sem Terra (MST) which is battling for redistribution of under utilized land to as many as 4.8 million landless families. Recently Ms. Rodriquez made a decision to appear in an upcoming Brazilian edition of Playboy, photographed in the nude. Many fellow members of the MST are highly critical of her decision, believing that it will tarnish the Movement’s image. Some other members (apparently) do not have this concern, but believe Ms. Rodriquez should contribute a portion of the $18,000 she will earn to the MST’s efforts on behalf of impoverished Brazilian farmers. Ms. Rodriquez says she will use the money to buy a home for herself and her two children, aged 11 and 9, as well as other things the children need. Currently Ms. Rodriquez and her children live in a tent at a settlement organized by the MST.

    Is Ms. Rodriquez’s decision morally justifiable? If so, why? If not, why not?


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